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Bev johnson, Ph.d.

vice president

Bev Johnson, Ph.D, has been a student and teacher of Enneagram for over twenty years. Currently she is working with the Enneagram in Prison Project that seeks to free people all over the world from the prisons of our own making. ( There is the dream and the intent to take this transformational work for self-realization into education – one student, teacher, parent, school, university at a time. Bev is the Founder and Managing Partner of Optimizing Human Potential, LLC...for her it’s not just a business name – it’s a mission. She helps create work environments that are joyful and productive, supportive and profitable, empowering and effective. Her motto and modus operandi (inspired by a refrigerator magnet) is: DREAM more than others think is practical. CARE more than others think is wise. EXPECT more than others think is possible. RISK more than others think is safe.

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