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the enneagram

The Enneagram as a Roadmap

The Enneagram describes our personality characteristics through nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Determining our personality type through the Enneagram helps us see the box, or filter, from which we view the world. Once we see the limitations of our type, the Enneagram offers a roadmap to help us step outside of our type and see the world, others, and ourselves from a wider perspective. This allows us to enjoy healthier interactions with people, lead more productive and fulfilling lives, and experience our true essence.


The Enneagram offers practical applications in many areas of life including personal relationships, family life, business, spiritual and religious practice, learning, and education. As a universal system with multi-cultural roots and a modern psychological perspective, the Enneagram recognizes our unity underlying race, religion, nationality, culture, gender and any other form of group identity. The Enneagram’s focus is on self-awareness and relational effectiveness to support our journey to reach our highest potential.

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